Acquiring English vocabulary is not easy for English learners.
STEM-Plus Content presents math and other STEM articles to help English learners vocabulary building.
Words and phrases that are strongly connected with each article are carefully selected so that English learners use them in their usual school studies and everyday life.

Benefits of STEM-Plus Content is the following:

  • Easy to memorize due to frequent use.
  • Practical to use because words are chosen from real-world English
  • Easy to start with because of ad-hoc basis content
  • Broaden horizons of thought by exploring different ways of expressing things
  • Increase problem solving and analytical skills by reinforcing math studies

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〇 中学数学の確率・統計から

確率の求め方こちらです データの分布の傾向こちらです

Hope this article can be of any help for English learners.