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Sentence Structure Diagram

Sentence Structure Diagram
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Overview of Sentence Structure Diagram including its details and sample materials


SSD Overview

Sentence Structure Diagram
Uses and Benefit

New Horizon 1

New Horizon 1
Unit 0 ~ 11

DALL·E - The scene features a grand horizon with a clear sky

New Horizon 2

New Horizon 2
Unit 0 ~ 7

DALL·E - An illustration featuring a majestic horizon with teenagers. In the background, a hill overlooks the sea

New Horizon 2: Unit 3: Read and Think 1

New Horizon 2
Unit 3 “My Future Job”

High School Entrance Exam in Tokyo

2021 (Reiwa 3)
2020 (Reiwa 2)

Common Test for University Admissions

2021 (Reiwa 3)

STEM-Plus Content

K-12 Math

Building English vocabulary using K-12 math
Learn abstract words like you learn words like “apple” with pictures


Raitclub Founder

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I aspire to transform the learning of subjects such as English from just a means for exams and certifications into a foundation for success in the real world. I wish for many learners to steadily accumulate knowledge, develop it into a skill, and achieve success in productive activities. To realize this, we aim to utilize scientifically verified learning methods and technology to support learning in an effective and efficient manner.


At Raitclub, we offer a wide range of content including visual tools to support understanding English text and overseas content (such as junior high school level math) to enhance vocabulary. We are also developing a program mainly for junior high school students to comprehensively acquire the four skills of English. We sincerely look forward to the day we can assist you in advancing your studies to a new dimension.

Qualifications & Experience

In preparation for becoming a teacher, I obtained the highest level of the English proficiency test in Japan, EIKEN Grade 1. I have served as a teacher at major English conversation schools and prep schools for junior and senior high school students, guiding numerous students to pass exams such as EIKEN Grade 2 and entrance exams for prestigious universities.
Furthermore, I have experience working with overseas bases as a manager of a listed company.

I graduated from the faculty of engineering at a prestigious national university of Japan and completed the same university’s graduate school of engineering. I also graduated from a highly ranked business school in the United States.

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