STEM-Plus Content

STEM-Plus Content presents K-12 math and other STEM content in both English and Japanese.
The content helps to acquire vocabulary for not only English leaners but also Japanese learners.
With the content, words and phrases are learned with actual feeling because learners already know the meaning in their own language.
It is like learning a word “apple” by looking at its picture.
STEM-Plus Content enables that easy learning for abstract but useful words.

For effective and efficient learning, the content is concise and illustrative.
Learners can easily understand the content by looking at images or examples.

In addition, the content provides some tips on math and other STEM materials.
This will help learners academic success in math and other important fields.

Followings are the summarized benefits of the content:

  • Easy to memorize because of actual feeling of words and repeated use in everyday activities
  • Practical to use because words are chosen from real-world
  • Broaden horizons of thought by exploring different ways of expressing things
  • Increase problem solving and analytical skills by reinforcing math studies
  • Easy to start with because each part is short and complete

We are updating content on daily basis.

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