New Horizon 2

This page shows links to Sentence Structure Diagram examples.
Sentences are chosen from “New Horizon 2”, a textbook used by grade 8 students in junior high schools in Japan.
Sentence Structure Diagrams greatly aid in the efficient learning of English for learners. Special audio accompanies the diagrams, enhancing understanding and accelerating acquisition, especially through reading-aloud activities.
They are recommended for junior high school students who may have struggled with English without a clear understanding of how to study it.
By simply listening to the audio on a smartphone and repeatedly reading aloud while looking at the diagrams, students may notice a significant improvement in their skills.
What accelerates the improvement is the diagrams’ visual assistance in understanding sentences, which is essential in reading aloud activities.
The diagrams can also be used as a test preparation tool for checking vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, and Japanese translations.
Model English speeches are also available on the linked pages, which can be used in various learning processes such as listening and shadowing.
The linked pages contain members-only content, some of which is currently available for time-limited complimentary access.

※Details for Sentence Structure Diagrams are here

※Details for an effective reading aloud activity are here

The structure of each unit is as follows:

Page Content 1 (Unit Top):
Title image, key grammar points, list of all audio files, etc.
Descriptive image for page structure
Page Content 2 (Each Part)
Main text and Japanese translation, audio (Audio segments alternating between English and Japanese for each phrase, etc.), charts.
Descriptive image for page structure

Summary and Practice Sheets for G7 Englishhere ← We have prepared a summary of grade 7 (first-year in junior high school) English and practice sheets. Please use them for reviewing and reinforcing the basics of junior high school English.

Unit 0: My Spring Vacation

過去進行形/be動詞の過去形/There is ~

Unit 1: A Trip to Singapore

be going to/助動詞 will/目的語を2つとる動詞/目的語と補語をとる動詞

Unit 2: Food Travels around the World

接続詞 when/接続詞 if/接続詞 that/接続詞 because

Unit 3: My Future Job

不定詞(副詞用法)/不定詞(形容詞用法)/It is … to ~

Let’s Read 1: History of Clocks

Summer Vacation

Unit 4: Homestay in the United States

have to/助動詞 must/動名詞

Unit 5: Universal Design

how to ~ など/接続詞 that

Unit 6: Research Your Topic

比較級/最上級/as … as ~

Let’s Read 2: A Glass of Milk

Winter Vacation

Unit 7: World Heritage Sites


Stage Activity 3 Under Construction

Let’s Read 3 Under Construction
Let’s Read 3: Pictures and Our Beautiful Planet


New Horizon 1New Horizon 1 ← Textbook for G7 (first year in junior high school) students (2021~2024)
Please use them for reviewing and reinforcing the basics of junior high school English.

New Crown 2: Lesson 2: USE

Lesson 2 USE
“My Dream”

HS Entrance Exam in Tokyo: 2020-4

2020 (Reiwa 2)
Part 4

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Overview of Sentence Structure Diagram including its details and sample materials

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