New Crown 2: Lesson 2: USE

Lesson 2 “My Dream” USE

This page shows Sentence Structure Diagram examples.
Sentences are chosen from Lesson 2 “My Dream” of “New Crown 2”, a textbook for grade 8 students in junior high school in Japan.
Sentence Structure Diagrams strongly assist English learners’ efficient learning.


◇ I want to be a farmer.

Meaning (in Japanese)

◇ I have three reasons.

◇ First, I like fresh vegetables.

Meaning (in Japanese)

◇ Fresh food is important for our everyday lives and health.

Meaning (in Japanese)

◇ I want to grow healthy and organic vegetables for everyone.

Meaning (in Japanese)

Hang in there!
◇ Second, I am interested in technology.
◇ Farmers use technology to do many things.
◇ For example, they use drones to monitor crops and sensors to collect data twenty-four hours a day.
◇ I want to learn technology to improve farming.
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