K-12 Textbooks in JPN

Links to Sentence Structure Diagram examples are the following.
The sample sentences are chosen from major English textbooks for Japan’s junior high school students.

NEW HORIZON 1 (Grade 7)

New Horizon 1Unit 0 ~

NEW HORIZON 2 (Grade 8)

New Horizon 2Unit 0 ~ 7 Unit 3: Read and Think 1Title: My Future Job

NEW HORIZON 3 (Grade 9)

NEW CROWN 2 (Grade 8)

       Lesson 2: USE       Title: My Dream

NEW CROWN 3 (Grade 9)

Lesson 3: USETitle: The Story of Sadako


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New Crown 2: Lesson 2: USE

Lesson 2 USE
“My Dream”

HS Entrance Exam in Tokyo: 2020-4

2020 (Reiwa 2)
Part 4

Sentence Structure Diagram
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Overview of Sentence Structure Diagram including its details and sample materials

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